Horological Equipment Repair

Timing and cleaning equipment have been repaired and serviced at Algo for many years, usually for the jewellery and watch trade.

We are familiar with a wide variety of timing and cleaning equipment makes and models including; Vibrograf B200, Greiner ACS900, Elma RM90, L&R™ Varimatic and the L&R™ Tempo 400.

Vibrograf B200

Vibrograf B200

Portescape/Vibrograf B200

Experiencing problems with your B200? We are able to diagnose and repair many faults including the microphone pick-up. If you would like to discuss any issues with your B200 or microphone please feel free to use our quick enquiry form to contact us.

L and R VariMatic cleaning machine

L&R Varimatic

L&R Varimatic

The L&R Varimatic is an industry stalwart and still a very popular and reliable cleaning machine. Algo are able to provide a full fault find and repair service including common oil leaks. Contact us now for a repair estimate.

L&R Varimatic short order part list

Contact us for parts not listed.

Item description Part number
`U` Seal (Top Inner Column Seal) 40092
Brass Column Seal Bushing 20198
Brass Pedestal (for top column seal) 20045
Primary Seal 20016
Secondary Seal 20015
Main Ram Piston (Spring to Prim. Seal) Manufacturer
Felt Washer 21134
Hydraulic Fluid (Bottle) 11037
Mains Neon ---
Heater ---
Valve, ultrasonic unit Type: 812A

L and R Tempo 400

L&R Tempo 400

L&R Tempo 400

The L&R Tempo 400 is the successor to the Varimatic. We offer a full repair service for this machine.

Greiner ASC 900

Greiner ACS 900

Elma RM 90

Elma RM90

Elma RM90 and Greiner ACS 900

Two of our most common units for repair and servicing are the more recent Elma RM90 and Greiner ACS 900.

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